Valentine’s Day Date Nights

valentines day

Oh joy!  Its here again…our favorite hallmark sponsored holiday, Valentine’s Day.  Valentine’s day has always been massively over shadowed for me by another, far more important and world changing holiday which follows just three days after. No, not presidents Day… (though who doesn’t love the magic of dead presidents? Hot).

Its this little ginger’s bday!! That’s right folks, I will be turning In My Thirties on Monday (once you pass 30, there are no more numbers. You’re just “in your 30s!)

I don’t feel its fair to make Ateam  shower me with love and attention for both Valentine’s and my Birthday, so we typically skip the traditional candle lit dinner out, but that doesn’t stop us from celebrating how awesome we are! If you are also sick of manufactured romance and looking for a little something different to celebrate, here are some fun date night ideas for this Friday.

Pizza and PJs!

Have a night in cooking a fun dinner together! No duh, you say? Well did you know that House of Cards season 2 premiers on Valentine’s Day?  Nothing spells romance like a sharing a bottle of wine while you binge watch Frank Underwood scheming his way up the DC politico ladder. Power is hot, my friends!


Can’t you just feel the love??

Its already Wednesday and we don’t really have time to make our own dough, but you can find some pre-made kinds from Trader Joe’s or other stores and just add sauce and toppings. So easy a ginger 2 glasses of wine deep can do it…or can she? I have failed before…

I loved the idea of a heart shaped pizza! If you want to do it all from scratch find the full ingredients and directions here.

heart shaped pizza

Or try this Margherita pizza for a more grown up feel.


Or make up your own combination! Either way throwing on some cute jammies and cooking it up with your SO sounds like a good night to me!

Laugh it out with some Stand Up!

this is chucktown

Whether you are unlucky in love, courting at a new love interest, or are an old married couple, This Is Chucktown is a great way to spend a night out!

They have it all: gingers, jokes, wine and a guaranteed fun night out. The show is held at Theatre 99 and the show’s at ten.  Also tickets are only $8!

To me, this is the best date idea in Charleston!

 Party Down and Give Cupid the Finger!

Valentines Day Cupid

Its a party for single folks…on Valentine’s Day! Rejoice! The F-Cupid Party at the downtown Mellow Mushroom is a fun alternative to traditional Valentine’s day celebrations. Each year there is a different theme to poke fun at exes and maybe find the next one in the rotation 😉

This year the theme is Voodoo Mardi Gras and they are promising to turn Mellow Mushroom from pizza joint to haunted French Quarter. So throw on a fun outfit, grab some beads and enjoy your single-self!

(We almost always go to this party…as a couple…its that fun. And as they say, “The event is free to attend for singles and those awesome couples who would rather party down than dine in an over-priced and stuffy restaurant.”)

  • Christina

    WHY did you have to post pizza!? yall are cute. i am going to crash your party.

    • Jacq

      Bring. It.